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 Stained 2 colors in
 geometric pattern

Custom parquet pattern
 using 4 species

Custom Wood Floors "Art to Walk On !"®

Parquet,Inlays,Medallions in a very Custom Wood Floor

CUSTOM WOOD FLOORS are a medium of specialty wood  floor coverings that includes, but not limited to these Types of Custom Wood Floors: Accents, Borders, Domestic Species, Exotic Species, Feature Strip, Inlays, Marquetry, Mixed Media, Medallions & Crest, Painted or stenciled, Parquet, Parquetry, Plank, Reclaimed & Recovered, Distressed, Specialty Products, Stained-Tinted or Colors
Developed during the middle ages in Europe, custom wood floors in elaborate designs, borders, inlays & medallions were crafted for significant buildings such as castles, & monasteries. Today these wood flooring styles are reflected in the modern day manufacturing and can be enhanced with something as simple as a strip border around the perimeter of the room or as ornate as a coat of arms in a foyer or a great room. Using exotic woods from around the world, these custom designs & patterns can add to and become the center focal point of any room. Giving each room a Custom-one-of-a-kind wood floor.
Custom designs can give a homeowner a "one-of-a-kind" (see Photo Gallery) floor and is a wonderful way to put your personality and individual character in a home. The choices of pattern, design, exotic woods sources and an artistic flare can provide a limitless number of possibilities. This site will give you an in depth overview of ALL the products associated with Custom Wood Floors. See Gallery of Custom Wood Floors.


Elaberate design painted on a prefinised wood floor
 Painted Wood Floors

Latex paint tints                                                                            

Custom Cork Flooring Design
 Custom Cork by Duro  Design


Custom Hand Painted
Faux Wood-graining

 Gallery of Custom Wood Floors
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Nation Wood Flooring Association's 2013 Winners in Floor of the Year Contest


laminate flooring installation

Custom Wood Floor Medallion


 Corner Accent by Decorative Flooring
Corner Block Inlay

Canterbury Parquet Pattern

Parquet Pattern

Renaissance Floor Inlays custom medallions and borders

Mixed Media
Wood, Marble, Exotic Species Medallion

Hand Releif Carved Borders
Relief Carving Borders

Inlaid Parquet Medallion
Intercut Parquet Medallion