Custom Wood Floors: Bamboo & Cork Flooring, Cork Stains & Finishes

Duro-Design Bamboo & Cork Flooring
Duro-Designs- Cork for every application

duro-design cork flooring Inc., a manufacturer of water-base coatings and stains is combining wood coatings technology with the resilience and beauty of cork to produce state of the art floors and walls. Established in 1995, duro-design has sought out to create a product that was beautiful, ultra-resistant, easy to maintain, vibrant and suitable for all residential and commercial applications such Retail stores Duro-Design: Cork of many styles- Restaurants - Offices - Lobbies - Dental clinics - Computer firms - Universities - Funeral homes - Churches - Synagogues and more........duro-design clientele is varied from high-end residential to commercial applications.

duro-design bamboo & cork flooring
duro-design cork flooring
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DuroDesign Flooring, Inc.
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A few samples of colored bamboo flooring offered by Duro-Design

duro-cork commercial installation


Cork in the kitchen, easy on the feet duro-cork for those high end commercial locations
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Custom Wood Floor Pictures | Custom Wood Floor Gallery

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